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Dirty Vent Square

Have you checked your vents lately?

We know - most people forget to clean their vents regularly... and over time they are left with a real mess on their hands (and clothes!). If it's been too long to remember, call Brankers Appliance Repair today and we'll give those dryer vents a good cleaning and inspection.

What can clean vents do for you?

Man holding up a dryer vent

•Better air quality

•Prevent fires

•Remove mold and odors

•Prolong the life of your washer and dryer

•Save money and energy

•Shorten drying time

Who knows what's in those old vents

Pulling damp shirts from the dryer is bad enough, but dealing with potential smoke, fumes, fires or worse is something else. More often than not, thoroughly cleaning your vents is the key to raising not only your dryer's efficiency, but your safety as well.

Let your dryer vent a little

Clean vents = a happy dryer. A happy dryer is an efficient dryer, and is sure to put money back in your hands when the energy bill comes at the end of the month.